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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Instead of waiting until there's a whole bunch of stuff collected that I want to work on, I decided that I'm just gonna do whatever I feel like with the client, as small as that may be and release small maintenance updates to give you people the opportunity to try them out and maybe even tell me if they work any better (or any worse) for you. The first one is here (right click the link and choose save as...), and here's what's changed:

  • There was a huge memory leak that would keep going whenever the client gets disconnected. This is especially noticeable when the client stays disconnected for long periods of time of an hour or more, where the client could take hundreds of megabytes of memory. This should now be fixed.
  • Place in line is now not mentioned in the upload pane. Some users are using this information to systematically ban privileged users, so I've taken it off. For other people this information isn't really that useful.
  • Clients begin with a minimum child capacity in the distributed network of 1 instead of 0. That should help make the distributed network more efficient.

Nir 10:14 PM

Sorry for the recent server crashes and outages. I've been trying to get the server not to do search skipping for privileged users, and something seems to trip every hour or so. I'm working on it.
Nir 12:31 AM

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