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Saturday, April 12, 2003

A very important fix in (test 11), at the usual place, patches a problem that allows a user to crash a whole lotta clients by sending a malformed search request. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean there isn't another such bug in test 11, but your odds are probably much better with this one.
Nir 10:59 PM

Friday, April 11, 2003

A 9th test version posted to www.slsk.org (top of the page, you know where it is). This includes a bunch of small fixes, as well as the ability to see what search terms your client is routing. Also, the get DNet option now doesn't show users' IP addresses, so there's a very good likelihood this will become the minimum allowable version very soon.
Nir 5:56 PM

Third and last test version for the day, (test 8) just posted to www.slsk.org. Yet another little big fix to allow users behind a router to act as parents on the decentralized network.
Nir 2:24 AM

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Second test version in an hour! As usual, the link is at the top of the soulseek homepage . Thanks to Mincer and radfaraf for helping the server see the error of its ways in automatically deducing users behind a router can't accept connections.
Nir 6:45 PM

If you've tried connecting to the test server and got a message saying your client is obsolete, you'd need to download (test 6) off of www.slsk.org (link at the top of the page). Sorry for the inconveniece... every once in a while it becomes impractical to keep testing because too many people are using an old test version and I can't tell if things that don't work actually still need to be fixed or if too many people don't have the fix :)

Nir 4:46 PM

Sixth test version posted, this one includes some important configuration tweaks to the decentralized network code.
12:42 PM

Monday, April 07, 2003

I need to ask everyone to be patient regarding their privileges activation; with all of the new client/server changes, things on that front have gotten a little bogged down. Not to worry, though, they will all be done very soon!
Rosalind 9:25 AM

Thanks to alexbk, python soulseek developer extraordinaire, for spotting a little big problem with the way clients kill their connections to their parent every five minutes. The fixed test version is here.
Nir 5:06 AM

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Contributing further evidence that I'm an idiot, and despite Roz's repeated attempts to point my attention to the fact that the test server wasn't accepting any new connections, I just found out that the connections limit was set by default to 1024, and indeed, was met for a good number of hours. Apologies to those of you who tried to connect with the test client and couldn't. The problem should now be fixed.
Nir 4:31 PM

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