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Friday, April 25, 2003

It looks like the wishlist changes I wrote about earlier today were pretty easy to do. But just to stay on the safe side I haven't posted it as an official release just yet. If you want to try it out, right click and choose save on this link. It already bears the benefit of having all your wishlist entries processed instead of just the maximum allowed by the server (see previous post for a detailed description of how it works). Let me know if you run into any problems with it. When this gets released, it's not going to be possible to log in with older versions.
Nir 11:38 PM

Next version of the client will handle wishlist searches in a round robin fashion, as per radfaraf's recommendation. Here's how it's going to work: the server will inform each client how long to wait between wishlist searches (the starting value is going to be somewhere between 2-4 minutes, which means 30-15 searches per hour, respectively). Your client will cycle over your wishlist, sending one search at a time, which would also help avoid congestion if your wishlist is particularly big. If you happen to have three entries on your wishlist and the server is configured to process one wishlist search every two minutes, each of your searches will be sent about 10 times an hour. If your wishlist has 60 entries, it would take a full two hours to process all of it once. That means all users who have any entries on their wishlist would create equal stress on the server, which may also mean we would have to stretch the wait period between searches further if the load is too high. It should take me a few days to implement these changes and release a new client. When I do, I might take the opportunity to make it the minimum allowable version, to make sure everyone logged on has the fix for that awful queue upload bug from 146c.
Nir 1:25 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

System is too unstable with new motherboard. Since the chipset used is different, we tried to upgrade the kernel to a more recent release to no avail, still crashing at random for no apparent reason. Until we can figure what is the exact cause of all this mess, we are downgrading the server again to the old motherboard in the coming hours. Update: Downgrade completed! Server is up and running.
arzenik 3:52 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I wanted to post an email I just got along with my response. I left the person's name out as I don't know if they want it mentioned:

> Nir Would you people get your stuff together.upgrade
> your sys and leave it the hell alone.alot of people are
> getting pissed off,every 2 min it seems as your server
> goes down.we are getting pissed and ready to go
> elsewhere.....get it together......i ask please

you know what, things are difficult enough as they are right now without people like you writing in emails to complain about the situation. we did upgrade, but the machine doesn't seem to be holding up very well, so we're doing everything we can to fix the problem. frankly, if all the people who were unhappy with soulseek right now and couldn't afford to wait actually left instead of whine, we probably wouldn't need this upgrade.

Nir 4:54 PM

System is unstable for now, you might have trouble to connect. We are investigating the issue.
arzenik 11:41 AM

The server has finally been upgraded with a new CPU and the new motherboard recognize all the available memory. That's the good news. Unfortunately, after the upgrade completed more or less painlessly, the cabinet where the Soulseek server is hosted suffered some power breakdown. It is not completely clear yet if the problems are over for good or not. That's the bad news. The server is up'n'running for now, cross your fingers and stay tuned for more news.
arzenik 4:05 AM

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