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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Just wanted to clarify regarding the server being up and down a lot in the last few weeks. Thanks to some excellent investigative work from arzenik, our system administrator, we've recently discovered that there are certain limitations of linux and the 32 bit architecture that gives us a lot less room for growth than we thought we had. Coupled with a signifcant rise in the usership, this forced us to start looking for drastic solutions. Those include anything from hacks to the linux kernel (again, courtesy of arzenik) to a complete revamping of the server code. As a result, things are very very shaky right now. We don't know exactly how long it will be before things stabilize, but we are doing this so that we can continue letting as many people use Soulseek as want to. I completely understand anyone who's tired of the current instabilities and opts to switch to a different file-sharing instead. I probably would too by now. If that's the choice you make, all I ask is that you make it without anger or bitterness. You're always free to check up on us later, when things might be better.
Nir 4:50 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Oh yeah, if you're a donating user, or if you're considering donating in the future, get the recently posted version 152 of the client here. The web window in that one automatically knows what your username is so next time you donate there's no chance of you forgetting to send us your username or alternately giving us the wrong username. You have no idea how often that happens.
Nir 6:46 PM

Every time we make things better, enough new users log in to bring the server down again. We've temporarily taken the recommendations system offline until we can figure out how to make it, or some other server component, take less memory so it doesn't crash next time we hit our daily user record (which is a little over 96k users right now).
Nir 6:11 PM

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