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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Soulseek client version 153 release candidate 1 is now available here. This is what changed since the last test version:
  • Soulseek now generates a random listening port number when it first starts to avoid detection by ISPs.
  • You can manually set your listening port number.
  • The client prompts you to configure your router to forward the selected port when one is randomly generated.
  • The client alerts you when the configured listening port is already taken by another application.
  • Ticker performance has been optimized for the benefit of those who had performance problems with the original ticker.
  • Ignores now work for ticker entries as well.

If you haven't tried out any of the previous test versions, here's the rest of what's new since 152:
  • Can now specify "Dislike" entries as well as "Like" entries.
  • Global and personalized negative rankings based on people's dislikes.
  • A reference counting system now used for getting other users' online status. Your client doesn't bother getting the online status of users you're not downloading from/chatting with.
  • Scrolling room ticker allows each user to add their own text.

The official discussion for this release is here.
Nir 4:24 PM

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