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Friday, March 05, 2004

Client version 154test1 available here, and includes a number of new handy features:

* Room-based searches: right click a room and select "search for files in room". Unlike regular searches which rely on a distributed network and so virtually never reach everyone, a room-based search is guaranteed to be received by each and every user in the room.

* Userlist searches: right click your userlist and select "search for files in userlist". Your search will be received by every user on your list that is online.

* User notes: right click any username and select "user notes" to write (or read) your own personal notes about that user. In your userlist, keep the mouse over any username to see the notes associated with it.

* Offline status marking in search results: Search results shown anywhere will now keep track of the users listed that have gone offline by marking them red.

* Sort search results by "in queue" field. Users with free upload slots will be shown first. Offline users will be shown at the very bottom.

* A new "report privileges problem" button in the check privileges window allows you to file such a report with a system administrator.

The official discussion thread for this release can be found here

Cheers, Nir

Nir 12:52 PM

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