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Friday, March 05, 2004

Client version 154test1 available here, and includes a number of new handy features:

* Room-based searches: right click a room and select "search for files in room". Unlike regular searches which rely on a distributed network and so virtually never reach everyone, a room-based search is guaranteed to be received by each and every user in the room.

* Userlist searches: right click your userlist and select "search for files in userlist". Your search will be received by every user on your list that is online.

* User notes: right click any username and select "user notes" to write (or read) your own personal notes about that user. In your userlist, keep the mouse over any username to see the notes associated with it.

* Offline status marking in search results: Search results shown anywhere will now keep track of the users listed that have gone offline by marking them red.

* Sort search results by "in queue" field. Users with free upload slots will be shown first. Offline users will be shown at the very bottom.

* A new "report privileges problem" button in the check privileges window allows you to file such a report with a system administrator.

The official discussion thread for this release can be found here

Cheers, Nir

Nir 12:52 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Soulseek client version 153 release candidate 1 is now available here. This is what changed since the last test version:
  • Soulseek now generates a random listening port number when it first starts to avoid detection by ISPs.
  • You can manually set your listening port number.
  • The client prompts you to configure your router to forward the selected port when one is randomly generated.
  • The client alerts you when the configured listening port is already taken by another application.
  • Ticker performance has been optimized for the benefit of those who had performance problems with the original ticker.
  • Ignores now work for ticker entries as well.

If you haven't tried out any of the previous test versions, here's the rest of what's new since 152:
  • Can now specify "Dislike" entries as well as "Like" entries.
  • Global and personalized negative rankings based on people's dislikes.
  • A reference counting system now used for getting other users' online status. Your client doesn't bother getting the online status of users you're not downloading from/chatting with.
  • Scrolling room ticker allows each user to add their own text.

The official discussion for this release is here.
Nir 4:24 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Help test hate lists! Hate lists are basically negative recommendations. They let you list all the things that make you wish you were dead, see which things are the most hated on the system overall, and even get your own personalized list of un-recommendations! The client is available here (right-click the link and choose save if you are having problems downloading). The official discussion thread for the hatelist feature is here.
Nir 2:17 PM

Thursday, January 01, 2004

The room ticker is an old feature I tried out a long time ago and now decided to bring back in a hopefully less annoying format. It's basically a running line of text on top of each chatroom that everyone can add to. The client is here. To enter your own text into the ticker, right-click the room window and select "set personal ticker". You'll be able to save your ticker text for that room or for every room you go into. Your text is taken off the ticker when you leave the room. You can also hide the ticker if you so desire. I'm gonna add a few more features to this in the coming couple of days and once I'm done with this, I'll start working on hate lists in the recommendations, then release it all as 153. The official discussion regarding the ticker feature is here.
Nir 9:56 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Just wanted to clarify regarding the server being up and down a lot in the last few weeks. Thanks to some excellent investigative work from arzenik, our system administrator, we've recently discovered that there are certain limitations of linux and the 32 bit architecture that gives us a lot less room for growth than we thought we had. Coupled with a signifcant rise in the usership, this forced us to start looking for drastic solutions. Those include anything from hacks to the linux kernel (again, courtesy of arzenik) to a complete revamping of the server code. As a result, things are very very shaky right now. We don't know exactly how long it will be before things stabilize, but we are doing this so that we can continue letting as many people use Soulseek as want to. I completely understand anyone who's tired of the current instabilities and opts to switch to a different file-sharing instead. I probably would too by now. If that's the choice you make, all I ask is that you make it without anger or bitterness. You're always free to check up on us later, when things might be better.
Nir 4:50 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Oh yeah, if you're a donating user, or if you're considering donating in the future, get the recently posted version 152 of the client here. The web window in that one automatically knows what your username is so next time you donate there's no chance of you forgetting to send us your username or alternately giving us the wrong username. You have no idea how often that happens.
Nir 6:46 PM

Every time we make things better, enough new users log in to bring the server down again. We've temporarily taken the recommendations system offline until we can figure out how to make it, or some other server component, take less memory so it doesn't crash next time we hit our daily user record (which is a little over 96k users right now).
Nir 6:11 PM

Saturday, November 08, 2003

The limit has been raised to maxium 100000 simultaneous users, privileged users have priotity. Your client should now display "This server is private" if the limit has been reached.
arzenik 5:15 PM

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